• #ad Are you planning your 2019 resolutions yet? Tell me yours in the comments. One of my goals is to read more 📖. I found a great way to keep me accountable: @sweetreadsbox. 📚

It’s a Canadian monthly book club that offers your a book and themed gifts (I loved the journal and chocolates). The micro greens growing kit was another favourite! ☑️ Click the link in my profile to learn more about Sweet Reads and see all the goodies I got #sweetreadsbox #bookstagram #canadianbookstagram #canadianbookworm #selfcare
  • Yes! Yes! Yes! My @simplified planner has arrived. ✍🏻📒Is anyone else a planner junkie? What’s your favourite?
I have tried almost all of them over the years, but this will be my first time using @emilyley’s system. I have a feeling this is going to be THE ONE. #simplifiedplanner
  • My mom sent boxes of my old baby stuff and as I was going through what to keep I found these #ognikes. Fresh from 1988 😉 
They were the one thing I was pumped to keep for V. #nikeshoes #nikehightops
  • This week for school I had to create a 5 day meal plan for a condition of choice, I chose chronic urticaria (hives). It took a lot of work and I have decided to go and offer it here for sale. The format is a simple PDF so I am offering this as a PAY WHAT YOU WANT offer (minimum $1 USD). You don't have to have chronic hives to benefit from this meal plan. Healthy recipes, whole foods. Pure deliciousness. 
Check out

You get:
Calendar format meal plan
Meal prep guide
Printable grocery list
  • Oh she kills me with those looks 😍
  • How do you carve out time for yourself?
I’ve been at it since 7am - recipe assignments and a big healing meal plan assignment for the #cneprogram. All while mothering two sick kids and checking on some biz stuff. ...This hour is mine. 
Fruit water and a soak 🧖🏼‍♀️. That is if the baby lets it happen...
  • 3 things that made me happy today:
1️⃣ Cooked apples in savoury skillets. So good. 
2️⃣ How I finally figured out how to organize my photos and I’M FINALLY printing family yearbooks. 
3️⃣ My Simplified Planner left Chicago and is en route to me! If you want $10 off a 2019 edition - DM me. 😁I even bought new pens for it 😂 
  • #sponsored You guys!!!
Check out my amazing budget bathroom transformation. This mini remodel was done by painting the cabinet, countertop, and by replacing my dating faucet with the @grohe_canada Tallin Faucet (available at @homedepotcanada). If you want the details see me a DM and I’ll share what I used 👉🏻 @randaderkson.
  • Not a kale fan? Try this before you swear off this superfood: massage it for a minute or two with olive oil and lemon. 🥗 This breaks it down, makes it not as “rough” and I find it takes away some of the bitterness!  #healthtip #cookingtip #cneprogram #kalesalad #superfood

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