30+ Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness

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I’m sure you’re wondering what ideas for random acts of kindness have to do with nutrition. Random acts of kindness does some magical stuff to your mental health, which affects your mood, which affects your choices throughout the day.

Kindness is a natural high and you guys, it costs nothing to be kind.

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Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness

Listen to this podcast episode on The Realistic Nutrition Podcast when we interviewed Chantelle Wiebe of Kindness Krate. Please subscribe to the podcast and leave me a review, this helps me grow and get more awesome guests like Chantelle on.

Here are some acts of kindness examples to inspire you to sprinkle kindness out in the world:

  1. Buy the coffee for the person behind you in the Starbucks drive-through.
  2. Shoot a business you love a DM and let them know how much you appreciate their service/products.
  3. Smile and say hello to a stranger as you pass them.
  4. Leave a comment on a post you like telling the creator how much you enjoyed it. (This always makes my da.))
  5. Text a friend telling them how much you appreciate them.
  6. When you see a mom frustrated in the store because their child is losing their mind, tell them they’re doing a good job.
  7. Buy local, this makes a huge impact.
  8. Take out your neighbor’s trash or bring it back for them off the curb.
  9. Mow your neighbor’s lawn when you’re doing yours.
  10. Compliment a stranger on their outfit/makeup/smile.
  11. Mail someone a handwritten letter.
  12. Bake someone cookies.
  13. Add a note to your child/spouse’s lunch.
  14. Donate gently worn clothes to your local donation center.
  15. Leave a large tip for your server.
  16. Buy a small gift for a friend, just because.
  17. Write positive notes and leave them in random places around your community.
  18. Pay for a strangers dinner.
  19. Send a postcard when you’re on vacation – kids love this!
  20. Write a thank you card.
  21. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  22. Pay for someone’s parking at an expired parking meter.
  23. Pick up litter in your community.
  24. Write a positive online review about a service/store you visit.
  25. Make dinner for someone who could use it (someone you know who is extremely busy, a new mom, someone who is ill).
  26. Build a little library. I have been wanting to do this!
  27. Bring a friend coffee when you’re about to meet up, or drop it off at their work.
  28. Hold open the door for someone.
  29. Send random flowers to a friend.
  30. Leave out refreshments for the mail carriers and delivery drivers.
  31. On a hot day, leave out a big bowl of water for the dogs on their walks.
  32. Make two lunches, and give one away.
  33. Donate to a Go Fund Me.

How little acts of kindness can really change someone’s day

You never know what other people are going through. It costs nothing to be kind to others and it could truly change the trajectory in someones day.

When someone is kind to you, you pass it on. It’s a beautiful chain reaction that touches so many people.

In a world where empathy seems to be lacking (or at least that’s what it seems like on social media), be kind. Be that change.

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What is your favorite idea for randoms acts of kindness?

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