What is Realistic Nutrition?

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Today I’m here to teach you all about realistic nutrition, I termed I coined for my nutrition business and go over some common questions I get from new clients. So here we go.

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What is Realistic Nutrition?

This blog post is the show notes from the What is Realistic Nutrition episode of The Realistic Nutrition Podcast. Never miss an episode and subscribe!

Realistic Nutrition is my idea of a balanced life (well, as balanced as it can be – in my opinion there is no such thing as balance but that’s a post for another day). I teach tired and overwhelmed moms that diets and deprivation need to go straight in the trash. Eat the pizza with your kids on Friday night, you are still consistent with your health and wellness.

Realistic Nutrition is just that… nutrition that’s realistic!

It’s not about being 100%, you’re not going to be clean eating 100% of the time – been there and failed at that!

I want to show working moms that they don’t have to put their business before their health and kids, that there is a way to eat well without sacrifice.

It’s time to take off the pressure.

It’s about eating a diet that is mostly whole foods! Fruits, vegetables, grains the majority of the time but you know that pasta, tacos, pizza, they’re always welcome! We don’t say no to the foods we love.

Portion sizes matter, and how often you eat it matter.

It’s not about pizza for breakfast lunch for dinner, no we fit it in your life.

That’s the quick and easy overview of Realistic Nutrition. You can see more examples over at Randa Nutrition on Instagram.

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Realistic nutrition means cake is always welcome!

Hit Your Goals with Meal Planning

If you want a sure-fire way to hit your goals while eating in balance – try to meal plan.

Not sure how to meal plan? Here’s my video walkthrough on how I do it. It’s a free training, so go check it out.

There is a misconception of meal planning, it’s not a big deal. Meal planning to hit your goals is simple.

Start small

Take the pressure off with meal planning and start small. Start with just planning dinner.

Planning your dinner will not only save your sanity a bit, but it will also save you money. You’re not at the grocery store buying all the things to try (just to forget about it and it rots in your fridge). You can either shop in person and do an online order and have everything you need to be delivered to you for less than your usual shops. Not food wasted and no take out = money saved.

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Think About Your Week

When you start to meal plan, look at your schedule. Are you busy? Do your kids have soccer? Are you working late?

If you’re busy in the evenings, you are not going to want to cook elaborate meals.

Think slow cooker meals, Instant Pot Meals, leftovers, or plan to eat out! Take out isn’t a bad thing! It doesn’t mean it’s going to derail your progress, you just have to plan it.

If you’re looking for your personal health goals, most restaurants have a menu with a nutrition option. Check it out and see what fits with your limit. Think about your portions, most meals can be divided into 2+ meals and you will have leftovers for another day! It’s another way to save money too – woohoo!

Double The Recipe

This is one of my favorite meal planning tips. You can plan to double the recipe and freeze it or use it for leftovers that next day (or later in the week). I made a leftover option in the Dinner Done Daily Vault for this reason!

If you freeze it, you will have a freezer meal ready for those busy nights! Or when you have one of those days where everything gets away from you and you realize it’s dinner and you have no energy to cook. Instead of ordering pizza, take out your meal from the freezer and heat! Boom! Dinner is done.

Where to get recipes for meal planning?

I go into details on how to meal plan using these tools during my free meal plan class, sign up here.

  • Go to your favorite blogs you can fine my healthy recipes here.
  • Search on Pinterest
  • Google
  • Cookbooks

Hot Tip: when you meal plan and make your grocery list, write down your list in order of your grocery store! That way you’re not zig-zagging around the store – saving you TIME.

Meal Prep

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Veggies and sausage meal prep. Prep and cook at once, this will be my lunch for 4 days.

If the idea of meal prep completely overwhelms you, hear me out.

You do not have to make a million meals in one day in order to meal prep. The key is batch cooking.

When you get your groceries, wash your produce and cut them right away. It’s done. You have healthy snacks for the week and veggies prepped for all your recipes for the week.

Cook your starchy for the week (rice, quinoa, potatoes, sweet potatoes). The side dish is done for the week and you can add them to your salads, you can flavor them differently for the week so it’s not the same thing day after day.

Pre-cook your protein for your salads or stir-fries for lunch or whatever meals for dinner you can just throw together. You’ll be eating in less than 10 minutes. Add the pre cooked chicken to pasta, casseroles, tacos for dinner.

Using chickpeas or black beans? Open then can, rinse them, and store them in the fridge! You that more likely to add them to your meals than opening a can and doing “work” while you’re exhausted from your day.

Try batch cooking a few things this week and let me know how it goes!

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5 Day Meal Plan for Busy Moms

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