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7 Tips to Relieve Heartburn Fast

Many people have experienced heartburn one in a while. If you yourself have had a run in with that painful, burning sensation, you probably have found yourself trying to find ways to ease your discomfort. Thankfully, there are several tips to relieve heartburn at home that you can put into ... READ the POST

Easy Chicken Apple Breakfast Sausage

These easy chicken apple breakfast sausage patties are one of my favorite meal prep breakfasts to make for a busy week ahead. Bonus? It's ready from prep to cooked in under 15 minutes. Chicken Apple Breakfast Sausage I love these homemade sausage patties, not only are they packed with ... READ the POST

Sheet Pan Fajita Tofu Bowls

These sheet pan fajita tofu bowls are going to be in your steady meal prep rotation. Healthy, delicious, and easy. They check all the boxes! Serve it as a simple dinner idea or a healthy lunch for work or on the go! Fajita Tofu Bowls I'm new to the world of tofu. It wasn't a food that ... READ the POST

Romesco Stuffed Chicken Breasts

I tossed these romesco stuffed chicken breasts together on a whim, and now it's one of my family's favorite recipes. Serve it with rice, cauliflower rice, or over a side of roasted vegetables. Romesco Stuffed Chicken Breasts This recipe was randomly created as I was shooting a video ... READ the POST

The Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Curious what the health benefits of chia seeds are? Chia seeds have become less of a trend and more of a mainstream staple. These seeds can be found at almost any supermarket and can be incorporated into almost any meal. From cereals and tortilla chips to fruit drinks, energy bars, and even ... READ the POST

Eat These Foods to Fuel Your Brain

Whether you are looking to stay sharp at work or optimize your nutrition overall, paying close attention to what you eat can pay off. We all know that eating right has an impact on the way our bodies look, but it is also true that eating the right foods can provide nutritional support to our brains. ... READ the POST

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Randa's meal plan was great and so easy to follow! Having all of this on hand made my week easier...


Randa Nutrition


Randa's meal plan was great and so easy to follow! Having all of this on hand made my week easier and less stressful plus I know that what my family and I are eating is healthy so it's a win-win!
Randa Nutrition