4 Foods to Reduce Bloating

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Mealtimes shouldn’t be stressful, but when you end up bloated afterward, it can cause extreme discomfort. While there are several foods out there that very obviously cause bloating, there are also foods to beat the bloat.

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What is Bloating?

Bloating takes place in your stomach. It usually happens when your gastrointestinal tract becomes filled with gas or air.

When you become bloated you may feel as though you ate a large meal, leaving no room in your stomach. It will feel tight and full.

Bloating has a tendency to make you feel either pain or discomfort. In fact, your stomach may actually appear larger and more distended, making your clothes feel tighter.

What Can Cause Bloating?

Bloating can be caused by several different factors. All of these lead to large amounts of air being trapped within your digestive tract.

There can be a few reasons you feel bloated, most of which revolve around the foods you are eating and any unidentified food sensitivities you may have.

  • How you eat – If you eat too fast it can cause you to take in more air than normal that can become trapped.
  • What you eat – Some foods high in salt, fat, and fiber can cause bloating. In fact, carbonated beverages can also cause bloating.
  • IBS
  • Food senstitivites
  • Genetics

Beans can make you gassy and bloated as well. Here is how to make beans less gassy.

What Foods Can Help You Beat the Bloat?

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There are several different food items that can have a positive effect on your stomach and help you to beat that distended, uncomfortable feeling.

Here’s what to eat when you’re bloated.


Sometimes bloating and gas can be the result of the bacteria in your digestive tract going a little wonky.

When you add a fermented food like kefir to your diet, it can introduce probiotics that can help to restore a healthy balance of gut bacteria.

Read this quick guide to probiotics to learn more about these good bacteria.


Ginger works wonder for several different ailments but it also has a great benefit to those experiencing bloating.

There are certain compounds in ginger that can help to get your stomach moving and aid digestions. This can help to reduce any bloating you may be experiencing due to indigestion.

When I’m feeling bloated I like to drink this ginger tea.


Asparagus actually works as a natural diuretic, which makes you have to urinate. This can help you to flush your system of any excess water you may be retaining.

Sometimes retaining too much water can cause bloating. This is why eating asparagus can help. Not only that but it can also help to feed the good bacteria in your stomach and allow everything to remain in good balance.


If you are experiencing bloating after eating a meal, try drinking mint tea.

Peppermint contains certain oils like menthol that can help to relax your gastrointestinal muscles, relieving spasms that cause discomfort and bloating.

You will want to use fresh mint or steep peppermint tea leaves as you want the oils to remain intact.

If you find you get heartburn while bloated, skin the mint and check out these heartburn remedies.

There are several foods to beat the bloat when you find your stomach feeling a little more distended than usual. Next time you feel as though you are too bloated to fit into your pants, try consuming these delicious items.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water (the more water you consume, the less water you retain) and maybe try some enzyme rich fruits like pineapple and papayas.

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