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8 Nutrition Basics to Create Long Term Change

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When it comes to eating healthier we tend to overcomplicate things, so today I’m bringing you some nutrition basics to bring it back and make it simple.

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Nutrition Basics to Live a Healthier Lifestyle Long Term

Listen to the podcast episode all about nutrition basics with Zsa White, and don’t forget to subscribe to The Realistic Nutrition Podcast so you never miss an episode.

Give Yourself Grace

The first thing is to stop beating yourself up and to give yourself some grace. We all fumble, we all fail. It’s not about that, it’s about picking yourself up and trying again.

If you keep dropping the ball on your goals, it may be time to reevaluate. Remember, if the path you’ve chosen to reach your goals is something you can’t do every day for the rest of your life, don’t do it.

Remember: doubt is just a limited belief.

Take It One Step at a Time

You’re not going to lose 15 pounds overnight. Heck, you’re not going to lose it in a month. Take your nutrition journey one step at a time, one day at a time, one meal at a time.

Overindulged for your 3 pm snack? That’s cool, drink water, and move on to the next meal with a new attitude.

Change Out Your Oils

Zsa talks about in the podcast how she has her clients change out their oils and replace them with healthier oils to start with their nutrition and lifestyle change.

Here’s a Quick Guide to Cooking Oils to make it easier for you.

Play with Your Kids

Let’s face it, those littles never stop. I love that Zsa points out in the podcast that you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym to live a healthy lifestyle. You can be active by walking, gardening, or playing with your kids. Take them to the park, have competitions on the monkey bars, race, play tag. There are so many active things you can do with your children that will benefit both of you.

Family walks are another great way to be active. We underestimate walking sometimes, it’s a great source of activity!

Nutrition Basics Favorite: Drink Water

Remembering to drink your water is one of the top things I tell my clients.

To find out how much water you need to drink: take your weight and divide it by 2. That’s the minimum amount of ounces of water you need to drink. More if you’re working out and/or live in a hot climate.

Spice up your water with low to no-calorie flavor enhancers like frozen fruit, lemon, mint, etc.

Here are a few more ways to drink more water.

Slow It Down

Take some time for yourself and be still. It’s hard, but sit in that stillness.

We’re always in a rush and on the go. When you eat, sit down and eat the food. Not in front of the TV, not while brownising Instagram. Sit down and think about the taste, the flavor, and if you feel full or not.

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Journalling is so powerful. Did you have less than perfect day? Write about it. Write about where it went wrong, what was your trigger, how you could do better. Then relax and reset. This helps take away the stress, which in time can prevent emotion eating.

I really like how you can pin point your triggers and set up strategies to avoid those triggers in the future.

Don’t take away, start adding instead. Don’t avoid the drive-thrus, make better choices while you’re there. ie: grilled chicken instead of fried chicken. Instead of fries, grab a fruit or a side salad.

If you don’t love what you do every day, that’s not living…that’s existing – Zsa White

Change your Mindset

When it comes to your health and wellness, mindset is key. It’s the fuel behind our motivation and what gets us through the day.

When it comes to your health and wellness, you don’t have to do this – you get to do this.

Remember: Wins are not always about the scale, it’s about the simple habits. Reading labels? Drinking water daily? Stopped drinking sodas? THAT IS SUCCESS! Keep going, it’s hard but on the other end when you wish you did keep going – that’s hard too.


if you’re not going to be consistent, you’re not going to see results.

It’s as simple as that.

1% more every day and always learning brings a lifetime of change.

If you would like to learn more about Zsa, check her out here:

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Get Your Nutrition Back On Track

Sign up for FREE 3 Day Challenge

  1. Learn the customized nutrition for your specific needs.
  2. How much you should really be eating.
  3. and so much more.

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